Wednesday, August 20, 2008


8/18 Training (SJM):

jm-hips, pelvis, lumbar
1x10 ftw sq @ 32kg
1x5 ftw ohs @ pvc

5/5 1h kb sn on the min for 7 min @ 24 kg (70 reps total)

Notes: I didnt feel very strong at all today...I hadnt eaten 20 hours prior to training. I completed less than half of my intended work and it made me come to a caloric intake realization: I need to eat more!! IF'ing has perhaps dropped my calories to below where I want them for my current age, weight and activity levels. Nothing against IF at all...I havent been sick in over a year and I am staying lean as hell. After watching video of myself and hearing my mother comment on how skinny I am...

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