Thursday, July 31, 2008

Training and South Dakota

7/31 Training (SJM):
jm-hips and lumbar
1x10 ftw sq @ 32kg
1x5 ftw ohs @ pvc

5/5 1h kb sn on the min for 13 min @ 24kg (130 reps total)

2x30/30sec 1h kb rack hold @ 32kg

2x30 sec double plate pinch hold @ two 25lb's

1x5 back extension
3x10/10sec side plank
3x10/10sec bird dog

Notes: I felt very good and energetic today. I'm attributing it to carb loading yesterday...haven't done that in a while. All the hip mobility and strength-flexibility work seems to be paying off as I feel much more mobile through the hips these days (I never knew how immobile my hips were until the '06 RKC).

I am readying for a trip back to the land of my birth (South Dakota). I haven't been back to see family in far too long and Keira is finally getting a chance to meet the parents. I just wish I had an effective, portable, strength and conditioning device to bring back with me so I don't miss any training sessions. Suggestions anyone? :)

I will be back on later to log Keira's workout for this evening.

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