Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday, June 29th

jm - lumbar, pelvis and thoracic

6,5,5,4,3 pullup

Notes: All work done by sjm. I worked all day and then golfed nine holes with Jason, Adam and Ryan. I sucked as usual but learned some good mechanics from Adam who has been golfing for over 15 years. Practice, practice.

I am tapering my training these next few days for a climbing trip Tim and I are planning. We are probably going to hit up the Bell Cord Couloir on Maroon Bells. I hope it is still in condition because I have been wanting to tackle that route for some time. The Elk Range here in Colorado is some of the most rotten rock around so conditions in the couloir must be near perfect or it can quickly turn into a alley of rockfall. No fun at all.

My buddy Shane Larson back in South Dakota just closed the Captains of Crush #4 gripper. He will be getting his cert for it and be up on Ironmind soon. He is an animal and is my inspiration for hand strength. I am grateful for all his pointers and he is a huge reason I am mere millimeters from closing the #3.

Congrats on that rare feat, brother.

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Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Close to closing the #3?! Holy crap! Your amazing strength I'm sure is very useful for your serious climbing. Do you also train pinch grip as well?

Ever run into a climber out there named Greg Cameron? A few years younger than me (I'm 54), he was very strong 30 years ago and I still believe he is very active in those parts. (His older brother John and I went to graduate school together in the late seventies.)

I bought a #4 just to show people how ridiculous it is .. your friend is a sick!