Saturday, April 5, 2008

4/4 Training


A1) 100x rope skip
A2) 50x bw squat

B1) 25x wall ball
B2) 25/25x jumping lunge

rest 5 min

30sec hold each of:

35lb slosh pipe
45lb barbell
60lb sandbag
40lb dumbell
kneel on stability ball
20lb medicine ball
45lb plate
stand on upside-down 1/2 foam roll
two kettlebells of choice
PPKC sign

notes: KB's - Steve, two 32kg. Ryan, two 24kg. Thirty seconds was far too easy on pretty much every hold. We need to either lower the rest between the opener and the holds and/or bump to 60sec+ per hold.

bonus: 3x5 ring dip - Steve.

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