Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday, March 15th Training

Workout: rest

*notes: Resting today made me a little proactive. With the whole water quality fiasco that came to the forefront earlier this week, I figured it was time to do some researching. Anti-biotics, hormones, pharmaceuticals, our tap water? Apparently water treatment plants are not equipped to remove such things during filtration. Should ANY of this be acceptable to ANY of you? Hell no. So do something about it.

First, see how you size up and go to and check your tap water quality. Not happy with the findings? Good. Now go here and contact your senator and express your outrage on the lack of regulations regarding this. We still do live in a democracy so engage it.

What else can you do? Get a water purifier. Go for the faucet mount so you can filter directly into your glass drinking bottle. Go for the spendier three-stage system. Will it remove all those pharmaceuticals? Probably not but it will vastly increase your water quality.

Water is life and we need it to be clean. Don't be passive on this issue. This is serious stuff.

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