Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday, October 6th workout

Workout: practice+stability day: straight sets (1:oo rest b/w sets) supersets (1:30 rest b/w supersets), play

5x5 ohs @ 45# (super strict, descent + ascent about 10sec total)
4x10 inverted bosu pushup w/feet elevated
1x5 side press @ 45# l,r

A1) 3x5 sl dl @ 45# l,r
A2) 3x3 alt pistol @ 10# l,r
B1) 4x1 med ball roll out (10sec out, 10sec in)
B2) 3x5 back extensions

three games of tennis (6-2 win, 6-1 win, 6-1 loss)

notes: got a free pass and worked out at a gym today for the first time in a while. one always gets strange looks in a gym doing side presses, pistols, ohs, etc. at a gym. during the tennis matches i felt a little slow, but managed to win two of three. booyah.

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