Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday, June 23rd Training

ring dips 6x2


jm - ankles, knees, hips
5min alt tgu @ 60lb sandbag (shouldered)
8,7,6,5,4 pullup

rest 2 min then:
Vo2 Max :36/:36 @ 16kg
16 sets total
(240 reps)

rest 2 min then:
2x50yd rack walk @ two 24kg's
side planks and bird dogs

notes: All work done by sjm. I am getting back in the groove after our two weeks of madness in the mountains. What a trip that was. I already miss having Adam around. He seems to test me inadvertantly whether he realizes it or not. It's good to have someone around like that. Would I have completed the bup tgu with the 32kg if he wasnt here? Probably not. Would I have made it across the slackline two times if here wasnt here? Doubtful. That guy pushes and motivates me like no other.


Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Hi Steve,

Excellent work capacity!

Did you start the VO2 max with :15/:15 before transitioning to the :36/:36 protocol?

I've been training the 16kg :15/:15 for several months at the 7reps/set rate and recently hit 62 sets. Would you recommend staying at the :15/:15 and bumping to 8reps/set or just going for the :36/:36 at 15reps/set?

PPKC said...

Hey Franklin,
Thanks for the praise! You have some very solid stuff going on yourself there, sir. In regards to your question, I actually started the VO2 Max protocol with the :36/:36 with the 16kg. I am moving to the :15/:15 with the 24kg in a week or so.

You will get different effects when manipulating the intervals. The :36/:36 is desinged to work you at about 80%-90% your VO2 Max. The :15/:15 is designed to work you at about 100%-120% your VO2 Max. The :15/:15 KJ says is designed for a heavier weight as well.

Play with it as you like and just keep notes on what works!

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

And thank you sir, both for the prompt reply and the kind words of encouragement!

Wow, 24kg :15/:15 sounds very challenging but from reading and seeing the excellent work you've already done, I know you are more than ready for it .. I will be following your progress closely for continued inspiration.

On a separate note, judging from your videos, I have a client with what looks like to have a similar physique. He is: 6'1", 155lb, 5% BF .. am I close? He's making really fast progress and is planning on going for his RKC. If I'm right, you would provide an additional positive impetus for him.

PPKC said...

You are close, yes. I am 6'3" and 180lbs. I am glad to hear your friend is heading to the RKC! He will enjoy the pain, for sure. Let me know if you have any questions for he or yourself and I will help in any way!
Thanks for reading the blog and I am glad to hear I am a source of inspiration!