Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday, May 30th Training

Z JM - Shoulders, neck and jaw

As many reps in the alotted time of:
5 min ring pushup w/ feet elevated
60 sec rest
5 min DARC swing @ 24kg
60 sec rest
5 min 1h c+p @ 24kg
60 sec rest
5 min bar pullup
60 sec rest
5 min hindu squat

2x1/1 bup get up @ 24kg
3x10/10/10sec left, front, right plank
3x10/10sec bird dog

notes: All work done by Steve. I am writing this portion pre-training. Training time today will be at 4pm to coincide with my first meal of the day being at 5pm (16hrs since last meal). I do feel great as I write this today. I really like giving an alotted amount of time to do however much work you is an indicator of character. It is similar to Staley's EDT but when you throw ballistics in there it becomes quite a smoker.

I just read a great article by Dr. Cobb, founder of Z-Health Performance Solutions about eye positioning during the deadlift and kettlebell swing. This surely is old news for Z practitioners but I found it quite intriguing (along with everything else I see him write). I am still just scratching the surface of ZHP and am looking forward to obtaining my R-Phase cert early next year.

My mind is drifting to Adam's arrival next Monday and the climbs we will be doing. He will be here for ten days and it should be more than pheasable to get two solid climbs in that period. We have possibly narrowed it down the to the Bell Cord Couloir on Maroon Bells and possibly the Cross Couloir on Holy Cross Mountain I've been wanting to knock both these climbs off for some time and the opportunity to do both within ten days has my mouth watering. I have been to Holy Cross before with Tim but we got lost in the density of the forest during the approach hike. We wandered too long and missed our window. Good times but damn, does getting lost frustrate you.

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