Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blog Update

So I managed to misplace about three weeks worth of workout logs. In a nutshell, Ryan, Will and myself had about 3-4 days a week of solid, PPKC style training. My lack of detail attention will not happen again.

In that time Will has come along in leaps and bounds. He is new to kettlebell lifting and has shown great understanding in regards to the swing and get-up. His strength, endurance and flexibility have come along very nicely. He has dropped five pounds by training alone with no diet altering.

Ryan has continued to improve as well, beating workout time PR's. He has gone from 171lbs to 153lbs in about six weeks. He has been on an intermittent fasting protocol, increased protein consumption and steady 3x a week training.

I myself have seen solid gains in strength and endurance...particulary aerobic based endurance and hand strength (I am pursuing, once again, the closing of the CoC #3). I have never in my life been strong at aerobic style training. It always seemed less effective in every regard than short, high intensity bouts. Being an avid mountaineer, I must embrace that long, slow style of training occasionally. It bores the living shit out of me but it must be done.

Keira is knocking out solid workouts with us as well. She swings like she has been doing it for years (she picked up a 'bell for the first time ever a few months back). She recently had a small lower back injury that she has recovered from and we here expect her to come back with more gusto than before.

Tim is the newest member of PPKC. He has many years of weight training experience and is well versed in kettlebell training. His aeorbic endurance has always been impressive as he is a mountaineer as well. He has been my climbing partner for five years now and has always had strong legs, heart and lungs. Its good to have him on board.

Climbing season is soon upon us and the training is picking up. Our buddy Adam is coming out for ten days in June to knock off some snow climbs. He trains up in Duluth, Minnesota and is an inspiration to us. He trains hard and just recently placed 25th out of 200 in a trail race up there. He has hit the ice crags 50+ times this year and the guy has forearms like Popeye.

Thats a small update on whats going down at PPKC. We are still working on getting the website up and operational. Readers of this blog will be the first to know when it is up.

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