Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday, October 24th workout

Workout: gtg, straight sets (90sec rest b/w sets), finisher

pullup 6,6,6

1x3 double kb jerk @ two 32kg's
2x3 double kb c+j @ two 32kg's
2x3 kb renegade row @ two 32kg's l,r
2x3 kb front squat @ two 32kg's
2x30yds kb farmers walk @ two 32kg's
2x3 low windmill @ 32kg l,r
2x3 side bend @ 32kg l,r

plank 3x60sec

notes: i am back home visiting faimily for a week and brought two 32kg 'bells. im going to play with they and they alone for the next seven days. looking forward to it.

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